I am an extremely slow reader. I tell everyone this fact whenever they hand me a book; “Don’t put this book in my hands,” I’ll say, “unless you’re prepared to not see it again for a couple of years.” Curiously, I have a strong appetite for learning and I put valuable lessons to work in my life as quickly as I can. All I can say is: Thank God for audiobooks.

Recently, I wrapped up listening to Seth Godin’s This Is Marketing. As with all of Godin’s books, it’s a worthwhile read with more than a few nuggets to sink your teeth into and reference during meetings.

Late in the book, Godin recites a list of rules to help people achieve the change they seek. It’s a fantastic list and one I wanted to share throughout the office. Unfortunately, though, unless I wanted to transcribe that list myself through repeated listenings of the few seconds it takes Godin to recite the list, I was out of luck. I didn’t have a printed copy. This is the downfall of consuming books in audio form.

‘He’s gotta have this on his site somewhere,’ I thought. If he does, Google hasn’t found it.

Through the prompting of my daughter, I found myself later that day at Tattered Cover. I decided to see if they had a copy of This Is Marketing. In short order, I located both the book and the page with the passage and snapped a photo of the pages containing the thirteen principles. So, for anyone else, like me, who listened to the book and wanted to reference this list of principles, here are…


  1. “Put people to work. It’s even more effective than money.”
  2. “Challenge your people to explore, to learn, and to get comfortable with uncertainty.”
  3. “Find ways to help others on the path find firm footing.”
  4. “Help others write rules that allow them to achieve their goals.”
  5. “Treat the others that way you’d want to be treated.”
  6. “Don’t criticize for fun. Do it when it helps educate, even if it’s not entertaining.”
  7. “Stick with your tactics long after everyone else is bored with them. Only stop when they stop working.”
  8. “It’s okay to let the pressure cease now and then. People will pay attention to you and the change you seek when they are unable to consistently ignore it.”
  9. “Don’t make threats. Do or don’t do.”
  10. “Build a team with the capacity and the patience to do the work that needs doing.”
  11. “If you bring positive ideas to the fore, again and again, you’ll raise the bar for everyone else.”
  12. “Solve your own problems before you spend a lot of time finding problems for the others.”
  13. “Celebrate your people, free them to do even more, make it about the cohort, and invite everyone along. Disagree with institutions, not with people.”

And, as a bonus, if you wanted the list of marketing books Seth recommends at the end of the book, Redditor u/IAmSimonDell compiled those here.