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HubSpot Platinum Partner - 4B Marketing Agency

4B Marketing recently became a HubSpot Platinum Agency Partner

Creating and maintaining an inbound marketing program for businesses of all sizes is no small feat.

That’s why businesses ready for quantifiable growth rely on 4B Marketing for content creation, content marketing, lead generation, and reporting.

4B is on a mission to change the narrative around marketing because marketing shouldn’t be a cost center. It can be (and should be) a revenue-generating machine for improved business performance.

Our proven success record and uncanny ability to align marketing tasks with business outcomes show 4B clients exactly how – and where – they fit into the marketplace and helps us create high-output content laser-focused on our customers’ target personas.

Greg Peters | Owner of 4B Marketing

“Every business owner is focused on increasing profits, reducing risks, and controlling costs,” said Greg Peters, 4B Marketing CEO. “We audit the competitive landscape, personas, and our client’s unique value to serve those core business needs.”

Are you ready to get focused and dominate your industry? 

What is inbound marketing?

According to HubSpot, “Inbound marketing is a business methodology that attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them. While outbound marketing interrupts your audience with content they don’t always want, inbound marketing forms connections they are looking for and solves problems they already have.”

Our Inbound Marketing work starts with your customer personas.

We base personas on your best customers today. We also base them on the untapped marketing potential you know exists but that you haven’t been able to access.

With personas developed, we use your team and our research to identify topics and content styles most likely to win consideration and MQLs (Market Qualified Leads). We market the created content organically, through paid ads, or earned through PR hits in the places where our personas hang out digitally.

As your share of voice, influence, and trust within an industry grow, your list of leads and close rates should grow, too. Using HubSpot’s in-depth reporting tools (which can easily integrate with your website and social media), we can chart your growth and offer data-driven predictions.

Inbound marketing relies on multiple communication channels, including social media, organic and paid search, email marketing, in-person engagements, and more, to create a marketing engine capable of producing an abundance of leads. It also helps increase your business development teams’ bandwidth.

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Is inbound marketing right for my business?

Inbound marketing isn’t always suitable for every business.

Low-cost, direct-to-consumer manufacturers, for example, probably won’t find much value in generating marketing-qualified leads and nurturing them into sales-qualified leads.

But, inbound marketing is the missing piece of your marketing puzzle if your business relies on developed and retained trust, consumer education, or shortened sales cycles.

Are you ready to pave the road to predictable growth and consistent lead generation? Inbound Marketing is for you.

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How do you get started with inbound marketing?

Most businesses already create inbound marketing content without realizing it.

Are you blogging to grow your visibility in search? Do you run paid advertisements? Does your company publish on social media? These are all inbound marketing actions.

Still, without the larger framework of persona development or the reporting to justify your next inbound marketing tactic, these actions will probably fail to produce the desired results.

We can remove the guesswork out of Inbound Marketing and optimize your content and communications to extract the most significant returns.

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What is a HubSpot Platinum Partner?

It’s not easy to achieve HubSpot Platinum Partner Agency status.

You have to attract and maintain new client relationships through the Inbound Marketing process to become a HubSpot Platinum Partner.

Ascending the ranks past Provider status, through Gold status, to become a Platinum Partner Agency means we’ve developed marketing engines that work for us – and work for our clients.

As a HubSpot Platinum Partner Agency, we can adjust set up fees, resource libraries, offer you prioritized one-on-one technical support, and we can join HubSpot’s Advisors Council (and more).

Hubspot Platinum Partner status is more than an agency victory lap; it’s proof that our existing clients have chosen a vetted and trusted marketing partner.

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“We are excited to see 4B Marketing reach another level within the HubSpot Partner Program. Their deep experience in helping companies drive sales growth paired with HubSpot’s platform for developing and executing inbound strategies makes them very attractive for any business looking to grow,” said Kevin Dyess, HubSpot Channel Account Manager.

What makes 4B different from other agencies?

4B Marketing is obsessively focused on your business objectives.

We’re passionate marketers, and we want to help you achieve your goals. We also want to help you positively impact the lives of your customers and your employees.

We’ll learn where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. Let’s create award-winning work together.

Let’s have a short conversation to discuss your goals.