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A/B Website Experiment: Next vs. Month Name

One of our client’s launches monthly flash sales of exclusive products. In order to help grow this client’s audience of buyers, we’ve taken to building anticipation by creating a single page experience that exists for all of the days before the next sale.

This page includes a countdown timer to the next sale, a calendar invite so that you can be alerted on your device when the sale goes live, and an email sign up form to be notified of all the pertinent sales details when they become available.

So, the question that we want to answer today is:

"How do I best drive traffic to a page from the front page of the site?"

There are a lot of valid answers to that question and, believe me, we intend to explore them all – but the best answer is this: Experimentation. Test your ideas out and see which one successfully meets your goal most often.

Today, we are experimenting with the idea that we may be able to drive more interest in the release if the visitor isn’t immediately made aware that these sales happen on a monthly basis.

How are we testing this idea?

Using Google Optimize, a free (and amazing) tool from Google, we are able to change the wording for half of the people who visit the front page. Aside from adding the Google Optimize code to the header of all of our web pages, we can change virtually any aspect of a site that we want without having to update website code.

The wording we changed was “May Flash Sale Details” to “Details on our Next Flash Sale“. 50% of the homepage visitors will see the original copy, 50% will see the updated copy.

Better still, we can set outcome goals. The outcome we seek for this experiment is that people will visit the flash sale preparation page from the homepage. With this goal defined and our experiment running, Google Optimize will show us the results of which wording is most successfully driving our audience to the goal. Additionally, it will show us with what level of confidence it has that the winning variant is the correct choice.

If you aren’t using Google Optimize, we can’t recommend it more. If you’re lost in a see of setup and implementation or just need some ideas of what experiments to run – reach out to us. We love talking about this stuff!