When we work with you to create a marketing strategy, it’s not something that we simply pull out of the stratosphere. First, we need to understand your value proposition. If you don’t know exactly what that is, that’s what 4B Marketing is here for. We get to know your company, what features or services you provide, and how those fit into your target market – what type of value are you providing, and what type of value do your customers expect. We then focus on what makes your company intriguing to customers and determine how we can leverage those strengths to increase your competitive advantage in the marketplace.


A value proposition is the launchpad for your marketing strategy because that’s where your key message arises from. Once your key message is established, it’s time for us to research how best to disseminate your value proposition to not only grow your company by identifying and reaching untapped audiences, but by understanding your clientele and delivering value by further refining who your target consumer really is. This process helps us to discover your key marketing messages – for now. At 4B, we know that marketing is a long game, and one that requires constant experimentation, learning, and adaptation.


At 4B, our experienced team thinks beyond simply reaching your marketing objectives; we work with you to set measurable goals, whether it’s generating targeted awareness, or increasing organic hits on your site by moving up the Google rankings, and creating marketing plans to reach those goals. By considering the series of small events that have engaged the members of your audience who are proving to be the most receptive, we then use that information to map out the necessary steps towards helping your audiences progress to the next level: becoming a valued customer. Once we understand who your audience is, we can create a strategy that connects you to that audience. Our objective is to not only provide solutions to your consumer’s needs, but also to help you understand their journey towards finding and trusting your product and brand.


The consensus in some circles is that anyone can be a marketing pro. And maybe you already have the resources within your organization that just need a bit of steering when it comes to optimizing your marketing team and your message. At 4B Marketing, our team of professionals has experience spanning more than 25 years and multiple markets. We can review where you’ve been, milestones you’ve reached (and are striving to surpass) and your progress towards tracking, optimizing, and conceptualizing your team’s marketing efforts.If you want to build your business and your brand, but aren’t sure if you’re “too small;” or maybe you think that a digital marketing agency isn’t something you need, consider this: space exploration started with one small step: deciding to embrace the unknown because the desire for success was stronger than the fear of “what if…?” Taking that one small step and trusting that we can guide your company to where you want to be can open you up to a universe of new and exciting opportunities.