Website and social media trackers are tools used to collect information about the people that visit your website in order to transition them from potential customers to actual customers. While it sounds invasive, it’s really not – analytics track what are known as “interactions,” which are the ways that users engage with your pages or posts. Just as a sales clerk at a store watches a visitor walk into the store and make their way toward the jewelry counter, you too can see visitors visit your site and express their intent, giving your business a more meaningful conversation with them at the appropriate moment.

For example, if you’re a model rocket enthusiast and have your eye on a vintage set you discovered on an auction site, the analytics are collected from your visits to make the better journey to purchase better for you, which is ultimately good for the auction site. The number of visits you made to the site, which other products did you show interest in, what buttons did you click, were you more interested in blogs or videos – those are the types of information that help inform a company’s marketing plan and help us to determine the best, most efficient way to discover more about your target audience and how best to retain them as loyal consumers.

Each time someone visits your website or interacts with one of your social media posts, web analytics allow you to easily determine what is most important to your target audience. But, if you’re still using Google Analytics simply as a glorified hit counter, you’re missing the greater opportunity.


When you first created your website, your primary purpose was to reach into the ether and pull customers towards your product. You had something worthwhile to sell, and you wanted to drive traffic to your site to generate interest in and sales of your product or service. In fact, that’s probably still your purpose, but with the addition of analytics, your job is now easier and more focused.When you gather essential online data about how customers and potential customers are using your website and social media, you can find out what is working and what isn’t – and how to fix it. Are your sales growing because your site traffic is increasing or is it because you experience a traditional seasonal uptick that you never knew about? Are you ranking exceedingly well for irrelevant terms or are you shooting for the moon (and hitting the mark) in all the right places? Beyond a gut feeling, how can you be sure?


While all of this talk of analytics may seem daunting and beyond the scope of what you have the time or resources to drill down into, there’s an old adage that says “whatever is worth doing is worth measuring.” That’s never truer than when it is applied to your online presence and your business – and that’s where we come in. At 4B Digital Marketing, our team is Google Analytics certified. That means we’re experts at online measurement and tracking, and we know the process inside and out. We make sure that measurement is taking place where it should be, and use that data to help shape SEO and inbound content, establish trends, segment out audiences by interest, and so much more.If you’re looking for a way to optimize your website, collecting and processing essential data and applying it to your marketing strategy, 4B Digital Marketing is the solution. Let our team of certified and experienced analysts do the heavy lifting and open up a new realm of potential consumers through detailed web analysis and measurement.