How Niching DownIncreased Revenue by Over 65%

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“Working with 4B Marketing has completely changed our business. We have seen our top line revenue increase by 63% since we started working with them 2 ½ years ago. One of the best benefits of working with 4B is feeling like you have a marketing partner and you aren’t just working with an outside firm.”

—Sarah Sinicki, CEO, Team 80

The Problem

Team 80 came to 4B Marketing with a goal to increase revenue. They had recently refreshed their website and were actively using social media to attract potential clients, but new business came in solely through referrals, which relied heavily on luck and led to an unpredictable pace.

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The Solution

4B Marketing explored influential channels in their market and proceeded to audit Team 80’s presence on those channels against their best competitors. This exploration revealed several opportunities, including organic and paid search engine marketing, organic and paid social, email capture and nurture campaigns, and regular communication to existing clients.

Acting on these opportunities immediately improved visibility and drove traffic to the site, but new business continued to come in through referrals. Working in partnership with Team 80, we discovered their new and long-term goals and began exploring different markets to help realize those goals. This is when Team 80 Founder Jim Casart told us about the potential in government compliant accounting services and, specifically, the SBIR grant program.

At 4B Marketing, we did our due diligence and discovered pockets of opportunity within that niche. The space was dominated by government websites and confusing legalese, so our urgent mission was to make information about SBIR easy to understand while also adding expert commentary from the professionals at Team 80. CEO Sarah Sinicki collaborated closely with us to make sure we provided helpful and unique information to the SBIR community.

Soon, we put out “The Ultimate SBIR Guide,” a lead magnet that earned such strong authority in the $50 billion SBIR space that Team 80’s content was outperforming government sites, which is no small feat. Since our efforts in the SBIR space proved so effective, we directed a substantial portion of our paid search efforts to ensure we were maximizing Team 80’s visibility on the search engine results page for SBIR.

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The Results

For the first time in the history of Team 80, leads were coming through without a referral. In fact, search engine born leads are now Team 80’s primary source of leads and new clients.

Within 18 months, Team 80’s overall revenue has improved 67.7%.

Site traffic improved 334% year over year, with a 501% improvement in traffic from search. Their site, which previously drove no leads, now drives several in-market leads each week, many of which have become clients. Team 80 is now hiring constantly to meet demand.

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